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The *Luma Touch Zeus II Baby Multifunction Milk Warmer* will compliment you on your daily life with 6 modes that built-in our product which is:

- *Warm Milk*
Our warmer circulates warm water around bottles placed inside. This gentle method ensures even heating, and it doesn’t take too long either.

- *Heat Up*
Milk or baby food is warmed slowly, and kept warm at the right temperature for when you need it.

- *Warm Food*
As well as baby bottles, you can also use the bottle warmer to gently and evenly warm baby food.

- *Sterilise*
Steam sterilises small items to kill harmful germs.

- *Defrost*
The bottle warmer features a handy defrost setting. Simply select the setting to defrost frozen milk or baby food.

-*Quick Warm*
The bottle warmer will warm 5oz of milk in just any minutes.

-*Night light*
For your convenience at night 

1 x Lumatouch ZEUS II 6-in-1 MULTI-FUNCTION Baby Milk Double Warmer
1 x Manual Book




As everyone was eagerly waiting, meet our latest YOUHA product, AVA GEN II Wireless Hands-free Cup Breast Pump! Our YOUHA AVA GEN II is the evolution of Youha AVA GEN 1, both are tubeless & wireless but Ava Gen II is more compact in terms of the pump design PLUS it comes with 2 breast shield funnel sizes in one set (24mm & 28mm)


Perbezaan Gen 1 & Gen 2 yg boleh bantu customer decide:

-Cup capacity: Gen 1-8oz, Gen 2-5oz

-Funnel size provided:

Gen 1 - kena pilih saiz 24mm atau 28mm

Gen 2- dapat dua2 saiz, 24mm dan 28mm

-Kedudukan motor pam

-Saiz cup tu sendiri, Gen 2 besar sket


Features :
Practical - Versatile 2-in1 appliance that steams and blends food, preserving the natural nutrients to create healthy and tasty dishes
Easy to use - one dial controls all functions making it simple to use Ideal for all food types - suitable for fruits, vegetables, meat, poultry, fish, etc
Value for money - help parents give their children nutritious homemade meals while offering savings of time and money on meal preparation
Durable & safe - comes with BPA Free Processing Bowl Graduated measuring bowl - Easy to measure quantity of water to pour into tank.
Removable lid - Easy to clean.



-NEW FEATURE : Battery Time Remaining
-Double Breast Pump
-Medium Duty Range
-Battery Usage : 120 minutes (approx 4 pumping sessions for 30 mins/session & 8 pumping sessions for 15 mins/session)
- 3 Phases Expression (Massage / Bionic / Deep Suction mode)
- Lock Screen Function
- Super Ultra Silent
- Rechargeable Battery & Portable!
- Smart Touch Screen with LCD Colour Display
- 9 Levels pump pressure
- Small and Compact
- 1 year warranty + 1 to 1 exchange


-Smart Touch Screen (HD Color LCD Display)

-3 Phases Expressing Cycles (simulate the initial rapid suckling, mimics natural suckling and deeper longer suckling)

-6 Levels Pumping Pressure

-Lock Screen Feature

-Proven Airlock Protection
-BPA FreeSmall Compact Lightweight (300gram)
-Medium Duty Breast PumpMemory Personalize Function
-Rechargeable Lithium Batter

Youha Cherry X

Pam comel yg ringan dan kecil (besar tapak tangan sahaja) dan sangat senyap. Sambil mengepam, motor pam boleh letak dalam poket, tak ada siapa perasan kita tgh mengepam 

Boleh juga pam sambil menyusukan baby lagi sebelah, takkan mengganggu baby sbb bunyi pam yg perlahan 

Ada built-in rechargeable battery juga, boleh pam 3 hingga 5 kali setiap kali fully charged. Jadi memudahkan sangat 

Datang dengan mode massage, deep suction dan juga mix mode, dengan 9 level pumping pressure utk disesuaikan dengan setiap ibu.


This combo inclusive of :
1 x motor EDA pump
1 x Li-on battery
1 x Power adaptor
1 x Pouch Bag
1 x Youcup 24mm
2 x Milk Storage bottles

1. This combo did not come with full set pump body.
2. Untuk cust yg nak Youcup 28mm, boleh pm saya untuk tukar.
3. Price valid untuk kutu dan installment.

-Double Breastpump
-2 Phases Expressing Mode (Massage/ Deep Suction)
-Additional Mode (Mix Mode)
-9 Levels Pumping Pressure
-BPA Free
-24mm full silicone breast shield funnel
-Small Compact Lightweight
-Comes with built-in rechargeable battery (only applicable for this first batch)
-6 months warranty
*breastpump did not comes with teat.


.-YOUHA AVA funnels size available in 24mm OR 28mm.
-The material of the cup same as YOUCUP, silicone funnel with PP cup.
-The milk capacity is 8oz each cup
-The breast pump comes with 3 modes (massage, expression & mix mode) and each mode have 10 levels
-The battery can be used for 2- 3 hours when in use. Approx 4 - 6 session
-Battery capacity is 1100 mAh
-Suction strength:150mmhg~270mmhg



-Custom Control with  LED invisible display
-Full touch screen button
-2 Phases Expressing Mode (Massage/ Deep Suction)
-Additional Mode (Mix Mode)
-9 Levels Pumping Pressure
-Proven Airlock Protection
-BPA Free
-24mm breast shield funnel with 21mm silicone massage cushion
-Small Compact Lightweight
-Medium Duty Breast Pump
-Connect to Powerbank / Power Adaptor/ PC
-Pumping on the go!
-2 years warranty + one to one exchange
- comes with built-in rechargeable battery


1. Youha pump valve - 2pc per set

  • Suitable use for
  • YOUHA flanges,
  • Autumnz Serene & Autumnz Blossom flanges.
  • Freemie base valve

2. Youcup valve - 2pc per set

  • Youcup valve spare part
  • Please change the valve once u have problem with the suction or every 3 months to maintain a good suction

3. Youha double tubing

  • Youha Double Tubing for Breast Pump / Youcup. Can used as Single or Double

4. Youha premium breast shield (1 funnel+1 body 24mm/27mm)

  • Youha Premium Breast Shield are designed to help using a breast pump comfortable and convenient.
  • No more nipple trauma as it's individually and personalised fits every mommy's need.
  • Convenient for travelling or for when you do not have time to clean your breast shields and need extras
  • Excellent fit for comfort and performance
  • The shields are dishwasher safe to make cleanup after use an easy process.
  • Compatible with most Youha pumps.
  • Comes with 2 size. 24mm or 27mm

5. Youha smart clipper

  • Youha Smart Transfer Clip/Clipper (Transferring Milk Made Easy)

6. Youha converter

  • This adaptor is useful for those who wants to convert their wide neck breast pump shields to use standard neck storage bottle

7. PHANPY Premium Manual Breast Pump

  • 2 levels
  • Portable
  • Anti-reflux
  • Wide Mouth size bottle
  • Included 2 size breastshield - 24mm & 28mm, one for each size
  • 100% food grade silicone, PP, TPE, BPA free, no plasticizer, no PVC
  • Capacity 200ml
  • Good quality Polypropylene material
  • BPA Free
  • Warm milk, Heating, pasteurized milk, sterilize function
  • Multi-functional: Warmer, re-heater, sterilizer, Boil Egg
  • Large space capactity, suitable to warm different type of milk bottle
  • Can warm up 2 milk bottles at the same time
  • Suitable temperature for different purposes:
  • 40°C Keep Warm - This is the optimum temperature for baby milk
  • 70°C Heating - Warm up baby food
  • 100°C Sterilize