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-Group 0+, 1 ,2 & 3 (0-36kg)
-European Safety Standard ECE R44/04 approved
-Rearward Facing from 0-13kg (newborn to 1 year)
-Forward Facing from 9-36kg (9 months to 12 years)
-Side Impact Protection (SIP)
-Thick padding at head support and seating
-Adjustable head rest
-5 point safety harness
-4 reclining positions
-Newborn insert for more comfort
-Removable fabric for cleaning.
-8 Years Warranty

L 45.5 X H 61.5 X W 47

lowest harness 27.5 cm

highest harness 38cm
Highest headrest 60cm


-Group 0+, I, II (0-25kg)
-European Safety Standard ECE R44/04 approved.
-Rearward Facing from 0-13kg (newborn to 1 year).
-Forward Facing from 9-25kg (9 months to 6 years)
-Side Impact Protection.
- Infant Body and Head Support Cushion.
-5 Point Safety Harness System.
-4 Recline Positions.
-Comfort Padding
-5 Years Warrant

L 43 X H 67 X W 33

Lowest harness 16cm
Highest harness 32cm
Highest headrest 58cm

Koopers Snug+ Booster Seat (15-36Kg)

ECE R44/04 approved
• Suitable for Group II, III (15g-36kg)
• High-back booster seat
• 5 levels of headrest adjustment
• Additional seatbelt pad
• Cup holder included
• 4 years warranty
• Applicable for 1-to-1 Crashed Exchange Policy

Product Dimension:  (L x W x H) 47.0 x 46.0 x 64.0-78.0cm

Koopers Lavani ISOFIX Car Seat


1) ECE R44/04 tested and approved
2) Belt OR ISOFIX with top tether
3) Group I, II, III (9kg-36kg)
4) Forward-facing installation (9kg-18kg)
5) Booster seat installation (15kg-36kg)
6) 2 crotch buckle slots
7) 4 recline positions
8) 9 headrest positions
9) 5-point harness system
10) Interchangeable air-mesh cushion
11) 6 years warranty on mechanism
12) Applicable for 1-to-1 Exchange Program for Crashed Car Seats
13) W 45 H 60 D 50 cm (Forward Facing Only)
14) Weight: 10.5kg

Product Dimensions: W 45 H 60 D 50 cm (Forward Facing Only) *

Product Weight: 10.5kg

Koopers Levi

Group I, II, III (9-36kg)
BELT installation only.
Booster with harness.
Warranty 4yrs.

L 46.5 X H 67 X W 42.5

lowest harness 29 cm
highest harness 41.5 cm Highest headrest 70.5cm


-ECE R44/04 tested and approved
-BELT-only installation
-Group 0, I (newborn-18kg)
-Rearward facing (0-13kg)
-Forward facing (9-18kg)
-1+3 recline positions for comfort
-5 point harness system
-Built in lock-off mechanism